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Welcome to Better Than Food Book Reviews, an extension of the Youtube Channel.

This is a collection of fiction book reviews that will inspire you to lead a fuller life, to challenge yourself, empathize more with others and grow stronger.

I try to focus on unusual books, things you may have never heard of, or were too intimidated to read, either because of reputation or size.

Banned books, difficult ideas, bizarre juxtapositions of scandalous subject matter, authors that may have been exceptional writers, yet very bad people, stories that have come out of mental, social or political strife, that cursed the conventions of the era in which they were written, that shunned the trends, and heralded new ideas into lines of text that wouldn’t be appreciated for many years (often centuries) later.

Fiction is what I focus on, though you’ll find some history, poetry, philosophy, and much more as the channel evolves.

I don’t believe that great literature needs to be appreciated exclusively by the intelligentsia, or that you need a degree to appreciate Philosophy or ‘difficult writers’. You certainly don’t need to attend a university to appreciate fiction, or to understand the power that literature has upon the reader.

I realized that, while there were many channels on youtube talking about books, few of them were focusing on difficult texts, on the books that many have called the most important, the greatest, and fewer still on controversial books, especially dealing explicitly with Sex and Death, the only two topics worth discussing, as Peter Greenaway put it.

I fully agree with him, and I don’t believe in self censorship, and many books on this channel will be controversial – maybe even dangerous (we can only hope!).

Life is too short to read bullshit, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now go read and report back, tell me what you thought was Better Than Food.

The channel runs entirely off of Donations from kind viewers all over the world, if you’re interested in seeing extra content, I create video essays on Patreon, I go into much more than just fiction and books, I explore topics in art, music, film, give tours of cities and bookstores, and much more. Any amount is appreciated, thanks a bunch.

About Me

I’m an LA based book lover and aspiring Filmmaker. If you want to get in touch regarding your book, hit me up on any social media or at