Every decade or so Cannibalism rises to the forefront of the public consciousness.

We’ve all heard the stories of Dahmer and Gein, the myriad films and novels based on their crimes, all pertaining to one of the longest held taboos in the West.

We’ve heard the horror stories of the Donner party, and last resort cases involving consumption of others (and sometimes self) just to survive.

What has not been discussed in great detail is the manner in which Cannibalism manifests itself in nature, the species who practice it, and the theory that maybe instead of a perverse aberration it’s actually a…

…Survival Mechanism (?!)

Bill Schutt, a professor of biology, believes this may be the case, and provides a feast composed of historical and scientific anecdotes to lead one to the conclusion that, not only is it perhaps natural, but those who would like to present a wholesome clean image of European history are ignoring the centuries of the medicinal consumption of human flesh.

Of course that which is natural is not necessarily ‘good’, and we are shown how quickly mankind turns from ‘good’ to ‘evil’.

How long does it take, you wonder? Easy.

The time it takes for you to become hungry.

A quote from the book –

‘Hunger hath no conscience.’ – Unknown Author.

A great book for those with discerning…taste.

Always remember life is too short to read bullshit, but plenty long enough to read Bill Schutt.